Why Vanilo?

Compared to Other Ecommerce Solutions

Robust Infrastructure

for the fraction of the price

You get a top-notch Cloud Infrastructure for your webshop, running on AWS. Would you want to build the same setup yourself, your monthly cloud bill would be hundreds of bucks alone.


We Understand Local Peculiarities

Working with US based companies is nothing special these days. However, there are several drawbacks like different time zones, naturally US first attitude, Anglo-Saxon financial accounting, loose privacy policies, lack of local data centers, just to name a few.

  • Country specific shipping habits
  • EU cross-border shipments
  • Local payment providers
  • EU billing
  • Local tax regulations

EU based

We're native to Europe (seat in Berlin) providing support in 4 languages (English, German, Romanian and Hungarian - more to come), are working in the CET and EET time zones and have expertise with local E-commerce

Developer Friendly

Open to Modify & Customize

Tailored Development

Vanilo puts a lot of emphasis on Developer Experience. Laravel developers will naturally feel at home, but the developing for the platform is not PHP or Laravel specific.

Unrestricted Frontend

The frontend is directly accessible and lets you create any layout with any CSS/framework. REST API, Webhooks and a "Backend for Frontend" are available to support most of the E-commerce setups.

Reliable support and security

DevOps Team

without the hassle of hiring and fluctuation

You have highly skilled DevOps professionals taking care of your E-commerce site along with a Vanilo Cloud subscription.

24/7/365 Monitoring

and reacting to problems while you're asleep

You get a contemporary Telemetry system, that includes uptime monitoring, APM, unified logging, security monitoring, bug monitoring and alerting. We take care of most of the issues without your intervention, but in a transparent manner, so that glitches are recorded for you to be aware of them if needed.


the essential feature most teams have no capacity for

Most mid-sized E-commerce businesses have very limited resources when it comes to cybersecurity. Having your site running on Vanilo Cloud lets you check quite a few items off the list like: Web Application Firewall, SSL certificates, Real-time Security Monitoring, and continuous patching of the underlying software components.