Selling Online Can Be Simple

Design & Storefront


100% your brand

There are platforms with pre-built themes and templates, still their customizability is limited. With Vanilo, you can use your own HTML, so that the result looks 100% like your business.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop

Most of the orders are being placed on mobile devices these days. That's an important reason why Vanilo shops are working seamlessly on smartphones and tablets.

Swift - Speed Matters

200 milliseconds

Facts, not promises

Many, if not all talk about speed, but there are just a few webshops that are actually quick. If a rapid site is important for your business, you've come to the right place.

Speedy Admin

Your time matters as well

Client is king. But you are important too. The way you manage your own shop is having an essential impact on the efficiency of your resources since they're the engine of your business.

Admin Panel


No complications

Instead of a cluttered, all-in-one Shop Admin Panel, Vanilo promotes transparency. Only the essential features are there by default. Every other need can be added on demand.


With unique modules

Every business has unique needs, that require solutions which are not “off the shelf”. To support that Vanilo Admin Panel can be customized with unique extensions. You can even personalize the Admin Panel's Look&Feel.

Data Exchange

Excel in, Excel out

Coming soon

Lists and reports can be generated so that they only contain the columns defined by you. Their generation and sending can be automated and scheduled. Bulk creating and updating of products is possible using Excel or CSV tables.

API & Webhooks

Coming soon

The data of your shop can be accessed via a REST API, so that you can connect external systems. Webhooks can be used to send data to external sources instantly, based on event, like order creation for example.



Coming soon

E-commerce in 2024 is definitely multi-channel. Vanilo integrates out of the box with "the big ones" like amazon, etsy or Google Shopping. Listing on emag is also possible.


Coming soon

Label generation from orders and parcel tracking with DHL has built-in support. Integration with other carriers can be done via Aftership.



By default

Every shop running on top of Vanilo is HTTPS. We take care of every aspect of generating, renewing and managing SSL/HTTPS certificates. Your clients won't be bothered by browser warnings.


Through Cloudfare

The shops are being protected by multiple security layers. One of the most important ones is the usage of Cloudflare, a service specialized to web security and performance.