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E-commerce project is a robust, fully managed e-commerce platform built for Laravel. running on a massive infrastructure


Built for Developers

by Developers

Assemble Your Way

Vanilo Cloud was built to be as flexible as possible to let you develop your system the way you want.

Server Side Rendering, reactive frontends, API driven or using it as a mobile app backend - are all supported modes.

Open & Flexible

Your data is yours. Read, write, transform, download and synchronize it with your existing systems using Rest API, Webhooks or CSV.

Customize data points including images sizes, workflow logic, access levels and other settings.

The Layout Is Yours

You have complete control over the HTML structure.
The site will look exactly how you want it.

Blade Templates

Keep using blade templates the same way as in any other Laravel Application.

Any CSS Framework

Tailwind, Bootstrap, Bulma, you name it. You can use any arbitrary CSS of your choice.

Any JS Framework

Vanilo lets you use your preferred frontend, react, vuejs, alpine or .. jquery, if you wish.

Deploy with Git

Start with Git.
Complete with Git.

The Shop Repository

After a shop is created, a git repo gets initialized that contains the skeleton of the shop: configurations, assets, Blade templates, translation files.

Make a git push back to the Vanilo Cloud repo to deploy the latest changes.

CI/CD Deployment

Coming Soon!

In certain cases git push cloud might not be the way you want to deploy. Currently we're working on an extended deployment toolset where you can deploy either using a cli tool or triggering an HTTP endpoint - to support CI/CD based deployments.


Connect with your providers.


Newsletter and E-mail marketing tool to drive traffic and build audience.

Tag Manager

Formerly known as "Google Analytics" to measure ad and online performance.


Generate Facebook Product Feeds for social media campaigns.


Accept online payments via PayPal, the highly popular payment provider.


Popular payment processor that supports customers to safely save their card data.


Mollie is a payment integrator that supports dozens of payment methods.


SimplePay is the most popular payment provider in Hungary.


Netopia is a payment processor that supports card, wallet and SMS payments.


Euplatesc is a simple and affordable payment solution.


Shipment Tracking solution that integrates with 760 carriers worldwide.


Register shipments and print labels for delivery with DHL.

Seven Senders 

Seven Senders is a parcel delivery platform. It connects with 100+ carriers in Europe.

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