Vanilo Cloud offers a few typical routes out of the box, ie URLs that retrieve specific data and render certain views from your Shop Repository.

List of Routes

URL Path Example URLs HTTP Method Route Name View
/ GET shop.home shop::home
GET shop.product.index shop::product.index
/p/{product} GET
/t GET shop.taxonomy.index shop::taxonomy.index
GET info shop::info/$slug
/cart GET
/checkout GET

Route Input & Output

Each specific route accepts specific input (parameters, queries or HTTP payload) and offers a specific output like rendering a view with variables injected or redirecting to another URL.

Show Taxon

Show Taxon with Parent

List of Taxonomies

Show a Single Taxonomy

List of Products

Show a Single Product

Info Pages (Custom Content)

Show Cart

Add Product to Cart

Update Cart Item

Delete Cart Item

Show Checkout

Submit Checkout