Getting Started with Vanilo Cloud

Vanilo Cloud is an E-commerce Platform that allows developers to build E-commerce systems on top of it. It supports various types of applications:

  • Server Side Rendering (using blade or twig templates);
  • React/Vue/Angular/etc based, reactive frontends;
  • Embed E-commerce functionality to existing sites;
  • Headless E-commerce, serving as an E-commerce backbone;
  • Serve as backend for Mobile Applications.

You can freely combine any of these approaches depending on your unique needs.

Base Concepts

Your shop is an isolated instance of the Vanilo E-commerce Application. It was built using the Open Source components, but it contains additional modules and has been fine-tuned and highly optimized to work seamlessly within the AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

Your shop has its own database, queues, configuration, frontend, views and language files. There are several predefined route endpoints that you can use, but those aren't fully static either, since validation rules, and content of what's injected in the (html) views are configurable.

When you sign up for a new shop, a new git repository gets initialized with a base set of files, to give you a guide about how to start.

To read more about the base files continue reading to The Git Repository