Git Repository

When you sign up for a new shop, a new git repository gets initialized at Vanilo Cloud containing a base set of files. These files are present to give you a straightforward guide about how to start, but can freely be modified or even deleted depending on your use case.

Repository Access

To access this repository you'll need use the following git commands:

git init
git remote add cloud [email protected]:your-shop-name
git pull cloud master

You'll likely want to store this repo on Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or some other git storage of your choice. To do that, add the origin remote:

git remote add origin [email protected]:username/reponame.git
git push -u origin master

Folder Contents

The high level structure of the folders in the repository resembles to the structure of Laravel applications:

│ root │
  ├ config/
  │   ├ mail.json
  │   ├ shop.json
  │   └ vanilo.json
  ├ public/
  │   ├ css/
  │   ├ images/
  │   ├ js/
  │   └ favicon.ico
  ├ resources/
  │   ├ lang/
  │   └ views/

You can put any files and folders in the repository. The most important caveat to be aware of is that anything under the public/ folder will be accessible publicly on your website. Other folders can't be accessed directly via HTTP.